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The Day of Silence:

December 25th 1978- Vietnam invades Cambodia. Communist scare on the rise in the US.
January 15th 1979 4:21 AM- Police arrive on murder scene at UPI(United Pharmaceutical Industries) labs, Feltin City. No suspects.
January 16th 1979 3:02 PM- Murder case officially closed. No arrests. No suspects.
January 19th 1979 9:45 AM- Feltin City Morgue temporarily closed due to missing bodies. Police investigation underway.
January 20th 1979 2:59 PM- Riot outbreaks in Feltin City. Police containing crowds, situation violent.
January 20th 1979 3:32 PM- Several officers are escorted to local hospital in Ambulance, primary wounds: Bites.
January 20th 1979 9:16 PM- Feltin City hospital closed. Official evacuation announced.
January 20th 1979 9:40 PM- Feltin City borders closed off, complete quarantine by UPI security forces engaged.
January 20th 1979 11:56 PM- Final transmission from inside Feltin City recieved; "Help us.... blood ever.... dead.... back ali.... violent.... coming....*end transmission*"
January 21st 1979 12:00 AM- The Day of Silence begins...