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The Day of Silence is a horror survival mod made from Valve's Source Engine. Some features include:

-Day/Night cycles -LOTS of weapons; Almost everything on the ground can be used as a weapon.(chainsaws, hammers, sledges, paintcans, axes, glass bottles, ect) -Barricade yourself inside structures with our own "pattented" nailgun. Players can hold up wood planks across doors while another secures them into place.
-Extremely large, fully explorable city; Blocks and blocks of city to wander around and hide in.
-Save yourself; Save your character, keeping your inventory, health, etc.
-Side quests; Find survivors to help and be rewarded by.
-Fight thousands of uniqely animated and modeled horrors along side your friends.

This is not just an idea, we do have content, but none of it's ready to be released. We have a couple city blocks, models in progress, and ideas flowing.
If you think you can contribute, or have any ideas send us an e-mail at: OR We are mainly in need of mappers, skinners an modelers due to the fact that the city will be so huge and diverse! The more mappers we can get the faster and more efficently the mod can be completed.

Less importantly, as you can probably tell, we can use a webdesigner.